Basement Organizing

With warm weather and tax season fast approaching its time to organize your basement. Organizing out of the way areas such as basement storage rooms help prepare for organization in other areas of the home. With tax season fast approaching, having an organized storage area will allow you to create useful and easily accessible storage solutions for your files that you don’t need to store in your office.  Additionally, it will allow you to review what you do have and get rid of any unnecessary clutter.

Follow these simple steps to create an organized and functional storage space:

1)   Assess the clutter – make three piles: toss, donate, save. Sort through everything and categorize them into these piles.

2)   Donate or toss – contact local charities to arrange a pick-up, contact a trash or junk removal service to take trash away.

3)   Separate your belongings by category – take your “save” pile and categorize everything in it into every different types of item you have to store.

4)   Assess what you have. Look at everything you have, take any necessary measurements, and head to the store!

5)   Buy any necessary bins or shelving – make sure to choose the right bins and shelving based on what you have and how your needs may change over time.

6)   Label items!!!!!

7)   Everything should have a home. When you are finished, there should be a label on everything and everything should have its own home, with room to grow.

Enjoy your newly organized space! This is going to help set the foundation for organization throughout your whole house!