Dining Organization

The holidays are just around the corner and its time to start thinking about your family gatherings around the dining table. Get set for success by organizing your dining table, linens, dishes and glassware ahead of time.

Wrinkle-Free Linens: Iron all table clothes and drape over padded hangers. If you have extra space in a front hall closet or a small closet with hanging space and some shelves, dedicate it to hanging your linens and storing napkins. You can get clear plastic bins and label them for napkins, napkin holders, etc. If you don’t have a small closet to spare think of adding some shelving with hanging space to a closet you already have, or using a small chest or cabinet.

Hanging Glassware Storage: Install top-mount glassware racks in a cabinet or china hutch. Arrange glassware by type and size. Make sure to wash them before you put them back in so they are fresh and ready to go!

Corral Disposables: Round up all your disposable plastic and paper goods. You can store them in small plastic bins in your pantry or cabinet, or use one compartment of your serving buffet to store all your disposable party supplies. Make sure to separate your silverware, plates and napkins for easy access.

Platters, Dishes and Serving Trays: Take some time to go through all of the platters and serving trays you have. They tend to accumulate over time, so take a minute to think when the last time you used each one was. If it was more than one year ago, and it is not a family heirloom, its time to let it go. Place them in a paper bag in your car and drop off the bag at a donation center during one of your daily routes or carpools – it will just take a minute.  Don’t have time to make the drop? Check out www.charitypickupservice.com to schedule pickup at your home.

Silver: Go ahead and polish it now! It will be fresh for the holidays and easier to touch up before the big party. If you have an afternoon or evening, sit in front of the television to get it done – you will be thanking yourself later.

Taking these few steps early will help you get organized, free up some space, and remind you where all of the items you need for your event are so you are not frantic on the day of your gathering. Next step – prepare a delicious meal!