Fall Into Organization!

The pools are closed and the backyard grills have been turned off. The smell of pumpkin spice is in the air and your home suddenly has leaves whisking in through the front door. It’s time for your home to begin its transition into autumn. Not sure where to start? Don’t stress, Organization Made Simple, Inc. is here to provide helpful ideas to begin your journey into Fall.

  1. The Office- Clear that clutter! Begin with your filing cabinet. It’s important not to force or overstuff folders. Create subfolders if need be. Make sure to shred anything with private information; and toss (or recycle) whatever you no longer need. We recommend using your tablet or phone to take pictures of those not-so-important (but may need later) documents in order to free up some physical space. Also, try utilizing cute or stylish file boxes; they will make you more likely to be drawn to keeping up with those everyday papers. Don’t forget to use labels!
  2. Closets- Purge! This can actually be great activity for de-cluttering your mind as well as your wardrobe. Through purging you may actually find some clothes and accessories you’ve forgotten about and can now integrate into your fall fashion. Also, when was the last time you wore that polka dot dress from the beach? It may be time to donate, or put away those summer clothes for next year.
  3. Jewelry- Here at Organization Made Simple, Inc. we love keeping things, well, simple. Just like with clothes and accessories, if you’re not wearing the jewelry, consider not keeping it (unless it’s sentimental, of course). Consider using open wall space (an often underutilized space) for storage. This is an effective way of hanging your jewelry by grouping like pieces together and makes it easy to see everything you have.
  4. The Garage- This one may seem daunting, but it really doesn’t have to be. Focus first on de-cluttering. Discard broken supplies, anything you consider junk, or stuff you haven’t used the last couple of winters. Second, group items by categories such as tools, sports, or snow equipment (Chicago winters-ahh!), for example. How you store is important, too. Shelving and hooks are a great way to use vertical space and get as much as you can up off the floor, leaving more room for the car!
  5. The Kitchen-The aroma of pumpkin pie is in the air and it’s time to replace those pastel dishtowels for warmer tones. Your cabinets, shelves, and pantry will need to be rearranged to showcase your comfort food pans and dishes. Move items such as mugs down to eye level (don’t forget the hot cocoa mix!). The kitchen is a great room to accessorize. Get creative!