Guest Room Organization

The holidays are approaching and friends and family will be travelling from all over to gather together to celebrate in different cities. You may be hosting guests or be travelling as a guest at a friend or family members home this winter. It’s never easy to leave the convenience and comfort of your own home to be a guest in someone else’s house.

This holiday season – make your guests feel more at home by organizing your guest room, guest bathroom and guest closet. Follow these easy steps to create the ultimate guest room experience:

Identify and Anticipate Needs: Stay in your guest room overnight to identify what may be missing. Did you need extra blankets or pillows? Did you have enough towels and soap? Identify what you would need for a night away from home and make a list of all the things you notice.

A Warm Welcome: Provide a luggage rack for your guests so that they can unpack easily or if they decide not to unpack, they can easily access their belongings. Use an old basket and fill it with items they may need during their stay: towels, soap, shampoo, conditioner, an extra toothbrush and razor. Make a little welcome label to welcome them to your home!

Clear the Clutter: Guest rooms can become a dumping ground for items around your house. Take time before guests arrive to clear the clutter under the bed, over doors, and especially in the closets and bathroom. This is a great time to get rid of items you don’t use at all and donate them.

Make Room For Clothes: Your guests need a place for hanging and folded clothing. Make sure there is enough space in your closet for these items and extra hangers for them to use. If your closet is too full and you really cannot make any adjustments, use a temporary garment rack.

Try to create an environment that you would like if you were a guest in someones house, and most importantly, Enjoy the Holidays!!!!