Halloween Organizing

Fall is here and Halloween is right around the corner! This year, set yourself up for Halloween storage success right from the start.

Decorating: Go ahead and get all your decorations out from previous years. Make three piles: everything you plan on using to decorate this year, halloween costumes that are still in circulation, and in the third pile put everything that you do not plan on using for decoration and old halloween costumes. Put everything in the third pile in a bag and donate it.

Color Coding: Go ahead and purchase storage bins right away – they tend to sell out. Plan on making this year the year you transition all of your storage to color coded bins. Purchase orange, black or purple bins – You can find them at target, the container store, walmart or any other store that sells storage bins. Make sure you get enough bins to contain what you currently have and then some (incase you purchase some more items down the line).

Know What You’re Storing: Make sure to put like-items in your storage bins and label them.  For example: halloween costumes can have their own bin. Once you have separated your bins by category, go ahead and throw everything in there. As long as each bin is separated by category, you do not need to do anything special with the items inside.

Here is an example of what the inside of one of your storage bins might look like. In this case, I would label the top bin “household halloween decorations” and the bottom bin “halloween costumes”.

Inside Halloween storage bins.

Labels: You can buy white labels at any office supply store. I prefer to use Avery 2” x 4” labels – you can handwrite or print on them.

Now, you are ready for a successfully organized halloween and have set the stage for success for the Halloween’s to come!

Remember: Fright will be nowhere in sight when you stock up on sterilite and get organized for a spooky night!