Holiday Gift Giving Made Simple

The Holidays are fast approaching and Holiday shopping season has begun.

Shopping for holiday presents can become overwhelming – there are often too many people to purchase gifts for, too many different types of presents to keep track of, not enough places to store the presents and always the question of: did I wrap it yet? Did I give it yet? Did I put the correct name on the correct gift?

This year – gift give smarter with Organization Made Simple’s Guide To Holiday Giving. These easy steps will help alleviate holiday shopping stress and allow you to better enjoy the season.

Step 1: Make a list of all the people on your gift list. List them in categories: friends, family, coworkers, etc.

Step 2: Create a spreadsheet on your computer with five (5) columns. The columns should be titled: Person, Gift, Purchased, Wrapped, and Given. The rows should be enough for the amount of people you have to shop for on your list.

Step 3: Fill in the names of all the people, clustering the names in the same categories as before (family, friends, etc.).

Step 4:  Fill in the rest of the spreadsheet. Make sure to update it as you go, so that you consistently have an accurate list of where you are in the holiday gift giving process.

Lastly, do not wait too long to get started! The holidays are a week or two away and its better to get it done now than to wait.

Happy Holidays to Everyone!!