Kids’ Rooms

IT’S BACK TO SCHOOL TIME!  It’s a perfect time to get your childrens’ rooms in tip top shape. Use some of these tips for easy projects that make a big difference.

Hooks for all Heights: Mount two strips of hooks or pegs to the back of a child’s door – one about 3 feet from the floor and the other about 5 or 6 feet from the floor. Two levels of hooks will allow the kids to grow and provide more spots for shorter items such as jackets, towels and bags.

See Through Toy Storage: Skip the fancy toy chest and go straight for clear bins. You can stack them in a closet, line them up against a wall, put them under windows or stick them in a drawer. Next, get a label-maker and go crazy – everything will have it’s own bin!

Kid Friendly Closet: Replace the lower hanging bar section of a child’s closet with shelves, drawers or cubbies. Fill them with clothes, toys or anything your child uses frequently. Recently, I organized a client whose daughter loved barbies – she used a clear over the door shoe organizer to stick her barbies in for easy access and visibility. I find that using clear, labeled bins and organizers helps children use what they have and makes it easier for them to put away.

Keep Books Handy: Fill decorative bins with books based on size and shape. Keep these next to the bed or near a chair for easy access.

Desk For Success: Keep your child’s desk simple. The easier it is to grab a pencil and do homework, the better. Try to weed out any unnecessary clutter that could lead to easy distractions. Add simple drawer organizers with small amounts of each item your child needs- no need for 35 pens and pencils spilled all over the place.

Next, sit back, relax and enjoy the the extra time you have while your child learns to put his or her own toys away.