Media Room

Its already October and starting to get chilly out! These tips on organizing your media room will get you ready for some cozy nights in front of the TV for the upcoming winter.

Control the Cords: Label both ends of every cord behind your media center with a tag or sticker. Bundle up excess cord length with a rubber band or hook-and-loop ties. I like to use a CableBox to hide cords in so they are out of sight completely.

DVD Organization: Whether you have a few good favorites, or have so many you are considering beginning your own DVD rental service from home, there is organizational help for you. For the more avid DVD collector, I recommend either expanding your shelving so you can accommodate your many collectables, or ditching the DVD sleeves and getting a binder to keep your discs in. This way you not only free up a ton of space for your collection, but also can take them with you on the go.

Hide the Gaming System: Drill holes in the bottom of a storage ottoman and house a gaming system and all accessories inside. Run cords through the bottom of the ottoman and leave a few holes empty to allow for ventilation.

Label Chargers: Use permanent marker or stickers to label every charger you own. Store all chargers in a basket with a handle.

Remote Controllers: Take a piece of tape and label the back of each remote so you know easily which device it controls. Find a small decorative bin or jar that you can use to store all of your remotes together. You can also purchase a remote control caddy at a local store.

Now, sit back, relax and enjoy!