New Year, New You: Organizing for Your New Year Goals

New Year, New You: Organizing for Your New Year Goals

A guest blog entry by Jane Blanchard

A new year brings a new resolve to keep your home neat and organized. Even though it’s already February, that doesn’t mean it’s too late to make a resolution for a more organized home. Start your year off right by organizing the areas you see first when you come home.


The first thing to do is to make room to park your car. The most efficient way to do this is to make use of the walls. Add shelving and hooks, available at the local home improvement store, to store everything off the floor. Use bins with labels to store like-items. Hanging bikes from the ceiling can also free up your floor space. Keep a sturdy step stool or ladder to safely access your items.


Important items come in the mail and it is frustrating when you can’t lay your finger on an urgent bill or document. Create a mail station in the foyer or office so all mail goes there immediately. Use trays to store bills, a bin for magazines, and a trash can to throw away junk mail. Make sure to label everything and stick to the system you create.

Flat Surfaces

Flat surfaces tend to accumulate stacks of magazines, papers, or pens. Create a focal point, such as a vase of beautiful flowers or a piece of art, so that other items that land on the table surface will look out of place and remind you to clear the surface.


Drawers are great places to store “stuff” out of sight, but they are also great places to lose things. Use each drawer for something specific, and label the drawer so you can quickly locate items. Purchase drawer organizers to divide drawers into sections. Keep items you use frequently handy in the mudroom or kitchen drawers that you walk past the most.

Good luck and happy organizing!

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