Office Organization

Lets talk about your office. Tax season is right around the corner – is your office ready?

Do you have all your paperwork in the right places? Can you find all of your receipts? How much time does it take you to find everything? How much time SHOULD it take you to compile your tax information?

Before you can attack your taxes – attack your office. Office organization is one of those things that people put off until it gets so bad that they cannot take it anymore. Do you really want it to get to that point?

Use these simple office-organizing techniques to attack the clutter and prepare early.

  1. PURGE. I cannot say that word enough. Get rid of the items/papers/nonsense that is not necessary or worth keeping.
    1. Make a shred pile
    2. Make a recycle pile
    3. Make a trash pile
  2. Decide what is most important to keep – do you do billing online or do you do paper billing? Do you need your paper bills for records? Ask yourself what is truly important. Get rid of everything else.
  3. Buy a label maker and some new files – don’t worry about pretty colors or saving money and writing on the files you already have. Start fresh – you will feel SO much better.
  5. Organize things in order of importance. Do you access it every day? Once a week? Once a year? Never? Sort your files in accordance with accessibility. Store anything you need to keep but do not need to access. (LABEL YOUR STORAGE)
  6. Lastly, do you have tchotchkes and pictures everywhere? Consider limiting your personal clutter. I know it is nice to have sentimental things, but your office is a place where you go to get your work done – create a work atmosphere and save the personal touches for the rest of your home.

By following these office-organizing techniques you will get your office in working condition to attack tax season and leave the headache behind. Start early – you will thank yourself. If you just cannot bring yourself to get it started, call an organizer – its what we do for a living.  When you are all done, sit back and relax in an organized office – enjoy the time you have saved by getting organized and prepared early.