Outdoor Space / Garage Organizing

Its that time of year – the sun is shining, the grass is green and you and your family are spending a lot of time outdoors. The one area that tends to get out of control during this time of year is the garage. Summer months are spent going to concerts, sports games, doing home improvement projects and much much more. As the summer is dwindling down, kids are going back to school and now is the time to get your outdoor space organized.

Here are some helpful tips to organizing your outdoor space and reclaim your garage:

1. Purge. You and your family have probably gathered more “stuff” over the summer than you know what to do with. On the same note, you probably have left a lot of items untouched. Do an inventory of what you have used, and what you have not. Separate these items into categories: “keep” and “donate”.

2. Schedule your donation pick up. There are organizations that will come pick up your unwanted items for free. We like to use the website: www.charitypickupservice.com. You can also call a charity of choice, or delivery your items on your own. Either way, it is important you schedule your donation so that you eliminate the clutter and unwanted items from your house.

3. Create a plan. After you have gotten rid of the unwanted items, it is time to analyze what you have and create a logical plan on where things will go. You may have to purchase shelving, bins or other items to help with the process. We suggest you use the same bins and label each of them clearly. These can be purchased at any store such as Target, Home Depot or The Container Store.

4. Execute. Put your plan into action – this will take some hard work, but you can do it! Sometimes it’s hard to continue for the entire project. We suggest timing yourself. For every 30 minutes you work, take a 10-minute recovery break. This will help you get through the tough part.

5. Enjoy. It’s always important to take a step back at the end of a big project and appreciate the hard work you have put into it. Make sure to reward yourself.