Rainy Day Organizing

May is the perfect time of year to spend a rainy day inside organizing. Whether it’s a craft space, office files, children’s stuff, or a bedroom closet, being forced to stay inside will help focus your energy to your project and not to outside activities.

Today we are focusing on the children’s play area and/or bedroom.

If you have kids, a rainy day is the perfect time to get them involved in the organizing process – you can entertain them while being productive. Spend time going through their toys and games to get them interested in helping out – they can help decide what to keep and get rid of.

Start by weeding out what they don’t play with anymore.

Make three piles:

  1. Does not play with
  2. Sometimes plays with
  3. Plays with all the time

From here, bag the toys that your kid(s) don’t play with and take them out of the room (maybe to the garage) for donation.

Next, examine what types of toys you have left and how you would like to store them. I find it best to store toys in containers with labels. This helps everyone know where the toy belongs before and after it has been used. Many times there are parents, babysitters, housekeepers and children cleaning up, so this makes it easy for everyone to put things away in the right place. Make sure each bin contains one toy and all that goes with that toy, and label it clearly. I prefer to use all clear bins of the same brand for consistency, with plain white labels.

Last step, put everything away in its new place. Afterwards, spend some time playing with your kid(s) and enjoying your newly organized space!