Spring Into Organization!

The snow has melted and its time to get your house back in shape and ready for BBQ season. Not sure where to start? Spring into action with these helpful organizing tips from Organization Made Simple, Inc.

1) The Fridge and Pantry -  Start by taking everything out and making sure nothing has expired. Wipe down all of the shelves and drawers so they are fresh and bright. Use clear plastic bins and trays to separate like-items such as condiments. Next, go through your pantry. Use bins to organize items and make them easier to access and pull out.

2) Your Kitchen Cabinets - You use your kitchen on a daily basis. Pots and pans get cleaned after every use, but what about the shelves and drawers you store your kitchen equipment in? Take some time to wipe down the insides of shelves, cabinets and drawers. If you don’t already have them, add shelf liners to your cabinets. While you are going through and cleaning, take out any items you don’t use and donate them. Organize like-items together to make sure you are using your space most effectively. Make sure you have organizers for your cutlery, utensils and spices. After you are done, everything should have its own, freshly cleaned and organized home.

3) The Mudroom - All winter long you have been entering and exiting through the mudroom with boots, rain gear, snow pants and everything else to keep you warm and dry. Take some time to deep clean the room in your house that gets hit the hardest. Empty out drawers and cabinets, get rid of any items that its time to part with.  Store remaining hats, gloves and scarves away in storage bins until next winter (make sure to label them), wipe all surfaces and shelves down to get them clean, and most importantly, change out those snow boots for flip flops!

4) The Garage - This space is always the hardest to maintain, especially in geographical locations with varying weather and seasonal changes such as Chicago. Take time to switch out your winter sleds for your summer sports gear, power wash the garage floor, and get your gardening gear in order. Remember – bins and shelves can help take advantage of unused vertical space and always use labels on your bins.

5) Closet - With the changing of the seasons its time to change your wardrobe. Take time to weed out any winter items you did not use. Try clothing on and make sure it still fits. The general rule of thumb is if you have not worn it in a year, it isn’t a special occasion item or sentimental in some way, its time to say goodbye. After you have separated your items, you will have more space to store the items you use. Fold and hang like-items together and switch out your hangers so they all match (it really does make a difference).

6) Everything Else - In addition to organizing for spring, its important that you focus on cleaning. Grab your buckets and rags and get ready to deep clean your house. After a long winter with the windows and doors closed up, its time to let in some fresh air and start with a clean slate. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, you can hire a cleaning service to do a deep clean for you.

Use these tips to set yourself up for success for the spring. Remember, if you need help you can always call in the professionals at Organization Made Simple, Inc. to make your winter to spring transition painless and easy for you.