Using Color In Organization

Color can help you organize anything; the possibilities are endless! Utilizing color can have amazing results without significant effort. Simple – just the way we like it. Even your kids can begin to learn organizational skills through using color. You and your family will be pro organizers in no time.

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Guide To Donating Household Items

Spring cleaning is the time to donate your unused or unwanted household items. Just because an item is no longer useful to you, doesn’t mean it isn’t useful to someone else. Here are a few steps to donating items you no longer wish to keep.

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Spring Into Organization!

The snow has melted and its time to get your house back in shape and ready for BBQ season. Not sure where to start? Spring into action with these helpful organizing tips from Organization Made Simple, Inc.

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Six Steps to Organizing your Computer Desktop

1)    Purge

Start by deleting any unnecessary or repeat files. Go through EVERYTHING. This will give you an opportunity to see what you have. People typically save too many random files, which causes clutter. Get rid of as much as possible right away.

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9 Steps to an Organized Office

Organization Made Simple, Inc was recently hired by Pepsico, Inc. to conduct online workshops on office organizing with their employees from all over the country. Here is a small clip from our presentation, focusing on 9 steps to creating an organized office.

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Get Ready for Taxes 2015!

It’s Tax Season! Its time to get out all the papers you have been shoving into boxes all year out and sort through them. (Unless of course you have been following this blog, in which case you are extremely prepared J)

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Media Room

Its already October and starting to get chilly out! These tips on organizing your media room will get you ready for some cozy nights in front of the TV for the upcoming winter.

Control the Cords: Label both ends of every cord behind your media center with a tag or sticker. Bundle up excess cord length with a rubber band or hook-and-loop ties. I like to use a CableBox to hide cords in so they are out of sight completely.

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Spring Cleaning!

Its that time of year again! Spring Cleaning! Although this year it may not seem like spring yet, its right around the corner. My FAVORITE place to organize in the spring is… the garage!

Somehow during winter, things find their way into the garage and amass over those cold winter nights. Its time to purge. Put on some clothes you don’t mind getting dirty and get your trash and donation bags ready.

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