Using Color In Organization

Color can help you organize anything; the possibilities are endless! Utilizing color can have amazing results without significant effort. Simple – just the way we like it. Even your kids can begin to learn organizational skills through using color. You and your family will be pro organizers in no time.

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Holiday Gift Giving Made Simple

The Holidays are fast approaching and Holiday shopping season has begun.

Shopping for holiday presents can become overwhelming – there are often too many people to purchase gifts for, too many different types of presents to keep track of, not enough places to store the presents and always the question of: did I wrap it yet? Did I give it yet? Did I put the correct name on the correct gift?

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Kids’ Rooms

IT’S BACK TO SCHOOL TIME!  It’s a perfect time to get your childrens’ rooms in tip top shape. Use some of these tips for easy projects that make a big difference.

Hooks for all Heights: Mount two strips of hooks or pegs to the back of a child’s door – one about 3 feet from the floor and the other about 5 or 6 feet from the floor. Two levels of hooks will allow the kids to grow and provide more spots for shorter items such as jackets, towels and bags.

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