Tax Season

Filing taxes – we do it every year, and every year it becomes a big ordeal. This year – make tax season less complicated by using some of our simple solutions. These solutions may take you a little more time this year to complete, but I assure you, if you stick to them it will make your future tax seasons a BREEZE.

Files – files are a great way to stay organized, or a great way to shove things in to a hidden place and never find them again. Use files with clear labels on them with a date and item description.  I find it best to buy one type of file and label and stick to it. Every time you order or buy new files, buy the exact same ones and make sure to keep them labeled in the same way. *Labels are the key.

Receipts – How many of you have a bin of hundreds of receipts in no order whatsoever from the past year? Or, no system whatsoever? Stop that! It’s as easy to make a separate envelope each month and file receipts by month. It will save you hours of time in the end, and you will thank yourself.

Storage – Storage boxes can easily hide mess and make it impossible to find what you are looking for. During tax season you need to access items that may only be a one time per year use. I like to use these boxes from the Container Store – You can’t misplace them and you know what year they are from.

Lastly, create a home for these documents and make sure to keep them all together, this will make it much easier come next year and the year after.

Good luck and Happy Filing!