Using Color In Organization

Color can help you organize anything; the possibilities are endless! Utilizing color can have amazing results without significant effort. Simple – just the way we like it. Even your kids can begin to learn organizational skills through using color. You and your family will be pro organizers in no time.

Using color in organizing has great potential to control chaos in the home, at work, and personally. It can help manage your time and help you be more productive. It’s also aesthetically pleasing and can be enjoyable to personalize. Choose colors that have significance to you, such as simple associations like red for things that matter most or green for your finances. Another example would be orange for ‘Olivia.’ Whatever you choose, it is most important to keep it consistent throughout.

Room by room, here are some simple ways to begin using color in your home:

  • Laundry Room: Color code each family member’s laundry basket, making it a breeze to put away and sort clothing.
  • Kitchen: Assign a different colored cutting board for different types of food. As for the fridge, color code your Pyrex lids in order to maintain leftovers for a specific family member or even more importantly, to easily recognize foods they’re allergic to and make it easy to be safe.
  • Bathroom: Assign a different color to each child to include anything from their towels to their toothbrush.
  • Office: Color-coordinate and personalize your filing system to perk up your routine. Use different colors for different family members, different categories of files, or simply use color to make your files look prettier.
  • Mudroom: Color code the name of each person in your household, making it easier to grab or put away equipment or coats to a designated location.
  • Garage: Continuing the idea of using specific colors for specific family members, it is easy to use color-coded bins for each person’s sports equipment and personal items, or use colored bins to store holiday decorations (use orange for halloween, red for Christmas, blue for Hanukah, etc.).

Using color in organizing will help you and your family develop a routine so that using  and maintaining your new organizational system will  soon become second nature. And, as always, Organization Made Simple, Inc. is always here if you need help navigating the organization of your space.

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